About This Space

Despite fundamentally disliking self-promotion, I have created this website as a place where anyone can peruse my upcoming, current, or previous work.

Don’t misunderstand me; I am very glad that you, entity, have stumbled on my little digital corner and hopefully across some of my work. If you are curious about my work, then, amazing! And if you want to collaborate on something, even better! Reach out to me, please!

I envision this site as my non-professional (but still somewhat professional) hidey-hole of sorts, where I can talk more candidly about my work with people who care, while still broadcasting about some work to others who don’t know me at all.  In an ideal world this blog grows with my career until it collapses under its own ego  in a spectacular meltdown until it is no longer needed or at all interesting to me.

So until then… More to come.


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