Yes, it finally happened. 2 years of work, and footage from 6 different projects, (shout out to the projects who didn’t get me their footage for reasons ranging from normal to laughable).

Proud, and I know it’s just the start.

LORENZO LANDINI ACTOR REEL 2020 from Lorenzo Landini on Vimeo.



holiday play but a podcast??

It’s been a quiet fall full of near misses with both big gigs and big representation, but little creative projects continue to pop up. I had the greatest of pleasures taping the Broadwaysted! podcast’s annual holiday radio play, “Broadwaysted, Actually” playing the surprisingly important role of “Kevin #2” [read: did NOT think I was going to have to do so much work when cast]

You can listen to the first of the three episodes below. Even got a shout out from Robbie Rozelle for my work on it, so, you know, NYC theatre royalty now eh??