a play, an album, looking forward

It’s been a hard year for everyone, but I also recently had the misfortune of losing my mother to a terminal brain tumor. Putting the pieces of my life back together would have been a struggle in the best of times, and, of course, it hasn’t been the best of times. For any of us.

Regardless, I am blessed to keep finding ways to grow as a performer, to find joy in telling the truth and being heard in community. Last week I had the great blessing of working on Gina Femia’s gorgeous play meet me at the Galaxy Diner. as part of VoxLab’s summer residencies. Look at the beautiful humans I shared the stage with!

I also leave town this week to head to a studio in Burlington, VT to record my debut folk-rock album. It’s been a long time coming, and I am so grateful to finally be giving these songs the time and care they deserve with some trusted collaborators. More info on the album release and shows to come!

small joys as we recover from the pandemic in NYC

as we celebrate the first days without a COVID-19 related fatality in New York City, our hearts are still heavy with the great losses we have suffered.

and yet time marches on. July is here already, and crumbs of my primary art have still revealed small joys

the webseries I guest starred in – the BRILLIANT “Sidways Smile” – is out of post-production and hittting internet spaces near you soon.

the feature film I shot in the early days of 2019 (boy doesn’t that feel like a LONG time ago) is getting its full digital debut in September. you can follow “Odd Man Rush” on Instagram for updates, and look out for me as an elementary school English teacher in the flashback sequences!

finally, the greatest little acting joy of quarantine was getting to perform a wonderfully spooky and funny new play written for Zoom and presented by Fullscreen Blackbox. we were incredibly humbled to present two performances for charity, and we raised over a thousand dollars for the Stonewall Community Foundation.

I thought the show was a great success and I dearly loved the role, despite working… in my bedroom. but that’s our reality, and the play was a great blessing in so many ways.

some more exciting interdisciplinary things are coming from me too, as the world changes, and I endeavor to change with it. I’ve already got a Linktree set up in preparation for these new websites, soon featuring my cocktails and my songwriting.

meantime… make your voice heard y’all.

holiday play but a podcast??

It’s been a quiet fall full of near misses with both big gigs and big representation, but little creative projects continue to pop up. I had the greatest of pleasures taping the Broadwaysted! podcast’s annual holiday radio play, “Broadwaysted, Actually” playing the surprisingly important role of “Kevin #2” [read: did NOT think I was going to have to do so much work when cast]

You can listen to the first of the three episodes below. Even got a shout out from Robbie Rozelle for my work on it, so, you know, NYC theatre royalty now eh??



grateful for an amazing run!

Regional theatre accomplished, as I am back to New York City from Pennsylvania, and enjoying the end of summer at home.

What a terrific run, and what a joy to play Stephano in THE TEMPEST, The Phoenix Theatre’s inaugural production. Here are some great photos from the show by Wide Eyed Studios! I didn’t have any fun at all… (yes, that is a “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt)

some regional Shakespeare

I am so honored to be a part of the inaugural production of The Phoenix Theatre, a new Equity regional house outside Philadelphia. I’m keeping my good groove of Shakespeare clowns going by taking on Stephano, and it is such a privilege to be playing him with such a warm and talented group of collaborators.

You can check out the Broadway World press release here and you can already purchase tickets as well, if you happen to be in the Philadelphia area in July.

NYC, see you soon!