I’m finally on Instagram!

Yeah, after much peer pressuring from friends and colleagues, I have finally joined the picture friends website. You can follow me at @lorenzowhileacting

**** disclaimer: do not expect any actual GOOD photography *****

covering some pop songs

I’ve had this idea for a while, finally decided to pull the trigger (heh).

Covers of female-voiced pop songs that I un-ironically love, done in a somewhat ironic folk fashion by, yes, your friendly neighborhood Cis Het White Guy.
First up is “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.

TWELFTH NIGHT in Bryant Park

Hi all!

I’m thrilled to be finally doing some fully staged Shakespeare post-grad school. It’s been a whole… err… 8 months (that can’t be right), but now I’m making my full professional NYC Shakespeare debut (that can’t be right either, can it??)

All that to say, I’m unbelievably excited to try my hand at FESTE in The Drilling Company’s production of Twelfth Night. You can catch us July 27-29th in Bryant Park, right smack dab in the middle of town.

Friday and Saturday July 27 – 28, 7pm-9pm
Sunday, July 29, 3pm-5pm
The Lawn @ Bryant Park

It’s FREE, and outside, and a lovely place to picnic, so grab your friends and share some laughs with us. It’s a beautiful play.

Much love,


THE NATURE ROOM : Coming This Week!

I’m in a Columbia MFA Thesis play at Signature Theatre! You should come, because you’re great.

Not only do I get to sing and play guitar and tell jokes, I’m generally just so excited to get Nora Sorena Casey’s brilliant new play in front of an audience. It is funny and heartwarming and human in a way that you can only be in the WILD 😉

Free tickets and more info can be found here! Hope to see you there!


Thank You Ivoryton Playhouse!

Last week I had the privilege of spending 5 days in Connecticut playing one of the two leads in a staged reading of Jennifer Lane’s new play To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This at the wonderful Ivoryton Playhouse. It was a magically fulfilling process and performance, with dynamite collaborators and a terrific script.

Hope to get back to visit and work on more projects there in future!

some photos

Here are a couple photos from a recent Equity staged reading with Three Act Theatre Company in NYC that I was lucky enough to participate in. Yes I was playing a homeless man, hence my less-than-graceful facial hair.

It was great to be properly singing again, even if it was just for a week.

Thanks to Micah Joel Photography for the great shots


My life after grad school ticks along in much the same way for the time being, with great Shakespeare sponsored by The Old Globe. The San Diego Union-Tribune recommends the show!

But, more importantly, our audiences in the community have been enjoying it immensely. This is already one of the more fulfilling artistic experiences of my life.

Come check us out, we run through the 19th of November all across San Diego!

showcase is done, info on TWELFTH NIGHT run, NYC here I come, October is here so dun dun duuuunnnnn

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to either of our Old Globe / USD Shiley Graduate Theatre Program Acting SHOWCASES in New York City and Los Angeles. The support and buzz was inspiring, and it was especially great to meet some terrific alumni doing excellent work in both major artistic hubs. I feel incredibly lucky to have finished my graduate school experience with something both so fun and so advantageous to my career!

Based on response, I will be heading back to NYC by the end of November, a community and city I know and love well. More details on that soon.

me jumping back into the industry like … (thanks Courtney Lindberg for the photo)

Meantime, TWELFTH NIGHT with The Old Globe’s Globe for All program starts rehearsals tomorrow! Information on this fantastic project can be found here. We run November 2nd – 19th in various venues around San Diego, with most performances totally free of charge. Come check us out!