a busy June, busy summer ahead

I thought things would calm down a bit after releasing my debut album as a songwriter, and it did for … a couple weeks. After a whirlwind trip to Italy to see family after 5 long years away – where my partner and I got engaged! – I returned to a couple projects.

First up was some more work with Epic Theatre Ensemble, where we had the delight of three weeks of in-person rehearsals devising a production that we hope to continue to work on in the fall. The showings went really well!

Secondly, I got to work on an off-Broadway stage for the first time, in a reading of the truly bilingual play “El Corrido de California” at Roundabout. It was a lovely challenge to work in Spanish on stage again, and the cast and creative team was a delight. You can stream the recording of the reading in the fall, apparently!

Next up, a visit to Northern Stage in Vermont to play a leading role in Gina Femia’s wonderful play “meet you at the Galaxy Diner” … and here’s hoping for a busy fall as well!


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