a play, an album, looking forward

It’s been a hard year for everyone, but I also recently had the misfortune of losing my mother to a terminal brain tumor. Putting the pieces of my life back together would have been a struggle in the best of times, and, of course, it hasn’t been the best of times. For any of us.

Regardless, I am blessed to keep finding ways to grow as a performer, to find joy in telling the truth and being heard in community. Last week I had the great blessing of working on Gina Femia’s gorgeous play meet me at the Galaxy Diner. as part of VoxLab’s summer residencies. Look at the beautiful humans I shared the stage with!

I also leave town this week to head to a studio in Burlington, VT to record my debut folk-rock album. It’s been a long time coming, and I am so grateful to finally be giving these songs the time and care they deserve with some trusted collaborators. More info on the album release and shows to come!