next NYC theatre project

I am very fortunate to be working a fun and pithy new workshop of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, going up downtown June 8-11th. I am playing a fun comic double of LUCIO and ABHORSON, and hope folx can check it out!

You can purchase tickets here. Press release here.





and now a workshop!

After a thrilling week last week, where I shot my *unreleased, tba, etc etc* full television debut, I am now working on a wonderfully prescient new piece that playwright (and dear friend) Jacob Marx Rice is workshopping.

You can see the BWW press release below!

Joust Theatre Company Announces Directors and Dates For WRITER’S ROUND TABLE Workshops

Join the Joust in the second half of the 2018 Writer’s Round Table, featuring THE COLONY by Gina Stevensen & ROSENSTRASSE: A NARRATIVE PROTEST by Jacob Marx Rice.


I’m finally on Instagram!

Yeah, after much peer pressuring from friends and colleagues, I have finally joined the picture friends website. You can follow me at @lorenzowhileacting

**** disclaimer: do not expect any actual GOOD photography *****

TWELFTH NIGHT in Bryant Park

Hi all!

I’m thrilled to be finally doing some fully staged Shakespeare post-grad school. It’s been a whole… err… 8 months (that can’t be right), but now I’m making my full professional NYC Shakespeare debut (that can’t be right either, can it??)

All that to say, I’m unbelievably excited to try my hand at FESTE in The Drilling Company’s production of Twelfth Night. You can catch us July 27-29th in Bryant Park, right smack dab in the middle of town.

Friday and Saturday July 27 – 28, 7pm-9pm
Sunday, July 29, 3pm-5pm
The Lawn @ Bryant Park

It’s FREE, and outside, and a lovely place to picnic, so grab your friends and share some laughs with us. It’s a beautiful play.

Much love,


THE NATURE ROOM : Coming This Week!

I’m in a Columbia MFA Thesis play at Signature Theatre! You should come, because you’re great.

Not only do I get to sing and play guitar and tell jokes, I’m generally just so excited to get Nora Sorena Casey’s brilliant new play in front of an audience. It is funny and heartwarming and human in a way that you can only be in the WILD 😉

Free tickets and more info can be found here! Hope to see you there!